I’m so excited to talk about this new feature that I now offer to my clients so I wanted to write a post to explain all the benefits and amazing-ness of PASS. I am not normally one to jump at the first moment new technology comes out. I may want it. Bad. But I sit back and let others do the testing for me and then I’ll jump on the bandwagon once the price comes down a bit. But with PASS, I knew I had to have it and knew it was something that was going to better my business and not only be a good thing for my clients but a great thing for my clients. PASS means NO more discs. No thumb drive, no waiting for your pictures to come in the mail, no more. When you pictures are ready, PASS allows me to seamlessly pass them to you through the system, house them in the cloud for you, and oh yeah, easily post any of your pictures straight to Facebook and Pinterest from it.

When your pictures are ready, I say, “Hey, awesome client, your pictures are ready!”. Then you, the awesome client, logs into PASS with your Facebook account and can access your pictures immediately, from anywhere. You can make your own folders, mark pictures as favorites, and upload to Facebook or Pinterest without having to download the images, worry about resizing them, and waiting for them to upload.

“What about my app?”, you say? Oh yeah, you also get a PASS iOS app that houses all of your pictures so they will be with you on your iPad or iPhone wherever you go. There is no need to try to find them on Facebook or my blog or your “online gallery”.  Just open your app!

But wait, there’s more! I designate clients to be VIPs (who can download the images) but anyone can create a login and have the same sharing ability as you! No more trying to make copies of discs and fussing with family members who want the images. Just forward along the email you receive from me when your images are ready and voila! No more annoying relatives to deal with. I know, you can thank me later.

Sure I miss sending out pretty packaging to my clients, but there’s no waiting for this package to arrive! This disc doesn’t scratch.  Will your child know how to work a disc to access pictures? No, sir. You’ve all seen the video of a baby knowing how to work an iPad and not a magazine. Discs are a thing of the past. You know you throw my packaging away anyways, don’t lie.

I’m happy to say I offer this service to my clients free of charge. So for the first time I’m proud to say I’m an early adopter and haven’t looked back!

Happy Sharing!

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