Weddings led me to boudoir. Boudoir led me to glamour. So what is glamour? You mean you don’t remember those awful portraits with the big hair, the glow of light around your face, the rhinestone jean popped collar pictures, and the dark line of rouge across your cheeks? Friends and brides started asking me about doing boudoir. I was naturally drawn to it because it was the one on one interaction with clients that I liked the most, it was more of an editorial shoot, and also helping women have fun and feel good about themselves at the same time. But there had to be something more to this…what if someone didn’t want to do boudoir or have a purpose for it but want a makeover and a photo shoot? From as far back as I can remember, I wanted to play dress up and have a photo shoot, whether I was the subject or the photographer. Luckily I had a sister that I could dress up and be my subject. Well glamour has evolved from the big hair, bright lights, and blue jean rhinestone jacket, to the pictures they are today. Glamour is for anyone that wants beautiful pictures of themselves. To still have that makeover experience and end up with pictures that make you say “wow”. This is the chance to wear anything that makes you feel good. Even a pink tulle skirt! Or make it a mother/daughter day, come get makeovers and have beautiful pictures made together. Or get a makeover for your senior portrait. Anything goes! 

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