We finally landed in Haiti today after a full day of traveling. We boarded our plane at 6am and finally arrived at our destination city for the day, Les Cayes, at 5pm. We’re only here at the mission center until tomorrow afternoon and then we’ll head to the village we’ll be helping tomorrow afternoon, Boyer. We didn’t have any travel problems at all and the people at the Haitian airport, where we waited for our plane for 4 hours, were very receptive to what we had to say and our little skit and tracks we handed out. I’m only able to blog and post all of this because the mission center now has internet! So no more after today except possibly for the last day when we stay here on the way back. Please spread the word that everyone is better than OK and having a wonderful time. The Lord has really kept us under his wing and blessed our travel.

So I’ll write as much as I can but that’s all for now, until we return. Can’t wait to show more pictures later! Here are some for now- of the mission center where we’re staying tonight.




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