Pinterest has become a great tool for inspiration for all kinds of things! I encourage my clients to create secret Pinterest boards for their session for a few reasons. Because it’s completely secret and can only be seen between the people it’s shared with, it’s a great tool for us to use to communicate about the visual part of your session. I encourage you to pin hair and makeup looks that you like, the outfits you plan on bringing, and poses or mood you’re going for in your session.

Makeup is an important part of your session, but it’s also one of the hardest things to communicate about clearly. But if you can show the hair and makeup artist an image of the makeup you want to replicate, then you have a much better chance of getting the look you want! A fresh face with pink tones may look like one thing to you and another to the makeup artist. So this helps make sure we’re all on the same page!

I love having my clients look at Pinterest boudoir images…and I don’t at the same time. They’re great because it gets you in the frame of mind of looking at the poses and start to see yourself in them. It sort of preps you mentally for what you’re about to do 🙂 But I also don’t want you to think that we should replicate those images completely. Your session will be completely your own and I base everything off of the outfits you brought, your body type, your style, your personality, what you want to showcase about yourself, and so much more! But I like telling you to look at the images you’ve chosen to pin and to think about why you’re drawn to those images. Is it the lighting, the pose, or just the outfit itself? It helps me to know why you like that image. And it will help you too!

And I love that I can pin to your board too! If you want my input on what outfits I think would work for you, especially if we’ve met in person, I’m happy to pin things to your board that I think would work for session. And the best part is, the pin will tell you where to but it!

So here’s the step-by-step process on how to make a secret board and then share it with someone!

Note: Once you make a board public, you can’t change it to secret. You need to make sure your board is set to Secret when you create it. Your Secret boards show up at the very bottom of your profile or list of boards. The pins that you save to a Secret board will not show up in any pin feeds, nor will the creator or person you pinned from, get a notification that you’ve saved their pin.

1. Click to Create a Board under your profile. Name the board and flip the switch to make it Secret. And remember to put your name on your board or else I end up with 50 secret boards called “Boudoir Session” and I don’t know which one is yours 🙂

2.  To invite someone to your board, open up the Secret board. The click on the icon to invite someone to your board. Type in the person’s name you wish to invite and click “Invite”.


Here are some of my favorite Pinterest boards that I’ve created: Lingerie, Girl Next Door, Glamour Shoots, Faces, Maternity Boudoir and Boudoir Makeup.

Hopefully, looking around on Pinterest will give you some inspiration for your shoot! Try to think outside of the box! Search for women that inspire you and see what kinds of images come up that you might be drawn to. I love Jennifer Aniston and some of the editorial shoots she’s done for magazines. Sometimes she chooses great outfits that would be good for a shoot, or the poses she used are beautiful, and always the hair and makeup!! Remember to focus on the poses, the expressions, the outfits that were chosen, and the hair and makeup. And just let me guide you when you get here and it will be great!! I encourage you to shed that fear when you get here, leave it all here in the studio, give me everything you’ve got, and you won’t regret a thing!