WPPI was a whirlwind. It was my first time attending and it really does make your head spin. The food poisoning didn’t help, but I made it through. I was nervous about having to talk to people I didn’t know, even though I wanted to meet new people the most. And surprisingly that ended up being the best part. Everyone was so friendly there and you realized that they just wanted to make friends too.

I attended sessions and listened to people speak I’d always wanted to meet in person, Zach & Jody Gray, Jasmine Star, the Boudoir Divas… I took away some great lessons from every class.

Zach & Jody: I’ll say it again. How can you enhance people’s lives with your business? How can you really make an impact on people and not just be their photographer? I want to be more than just someone people hire. I want to build relationships and help make peoples’ lives better. Not that I think I’m an amazing person or anything but I do think that someone’s a good listener (I’m practicing) then you can help someone by just being that for them….a good listener.

Jasmine Star: There is no right way! Daggonit! There isn’t a right way. Jasmine did things her way- the way she thought a business should be ran. I’ll be it, it wasn’t the way other photographers were doing things but who’s to say what the right way is? Just because the majority of people are doing it one way doesn’t make it right. I want to be myself. I want to do what works for me. I really want to be different. Provide a different experience, different product, different relationship. And have it work for me!

Boudoir Divas: M.S.H.! Or as I was previously taught, Make Things Happen. Just do it. Get out there and get it done. Indecision breeds inaction. And that is so true. There has been a laundry list of things I’ve needed to do and nothing has been accomplished because I couldn’t make a decision and I was scared of making the wrong decision. Well that leaves you to either stay in one place and never move forward or learn from the mistake and still move forward. I choose to move forward either way! It will happen. Mark my words. I’d rather risk making a few mistakes and ultimately still reaching my goal than never reaching because I was too scared to make a move.

Until next year!

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