So because I’m bored, I visited one of my favorite new places on the web again- Time Magazine. “What?” you say? That’s right. But it’s so cool. They have compiled Best & Worst Lists and they really are the best and worst of everything! It’s so interesting. So my 2 favorite lists are the “50 Best Websites for 2008” and the “Best Photos of 2008.” They are great. You should read the captions to all the photos. And you better go through all 50 websites- they’re all suprisingly good. Some notable lists that I just find interesting or funny are the “Top 10 Models Falling Down”, “Top 10 Google Earth Finds”, and the “Top 10 Twitter Feeds.” Crazy, I know. But better than the photo list is the photo section of the website. Awesome. So here are the links so I can cure you boredom along with mine.

And if you like pictures, or the top 10 list wasn’t good enough for you, here is the photo section of the website:
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