Like Oprah? Well sort of. Just on a Dana size budget. Lately I’ve been asked a lot about products I use, especially for my hair, so I thought it would be helpful to share and document this for everyone. Even if you don’t have curly hair, a lot of these products are versatile. I like to wear my hair straight too. I don’t discriminate.

There are two hair products that I love. The first one, Curl Construct Mousse by Garnier Fructis, is wonderful for curly hair. It’s a great product that doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy but still holds the curl.

The second product is fabulous. It’s called 10 or It’s a Ten, miracle leave in product. This product is great for any type of hair and style. They say it’s great for ten different uses. I use it as a finishing product when I wear my hair curly, or while it’s wet when I’m drying it straight and then spray it in while I flat iron it. You can find it at the Wal-mart salon. You heard me. Still doesn’t mean it’s cheap 😉

Next is not a hair product, but it’s literally something I can’t live without. I mean it. I ran out of this product recently this year, naively switched to another product (that’s a word, right?), and my face just fell apart. I broke out, it was dry, it cried. No, I think that was me. It may be because I’ve used this product for so long, but whatever the reason, my face just doesn’t like life without this product. It’s called Sea Silk Moisturizer. And it’s wonderful. Oil-free. Smells good. Leaves your skin feeling great. So if you’re looking for a good face moisturizer, your look is over. I’m just sayin’.
My other favorite product is actually a whole line of products and it’s the Glo Minerals line of makeup. This makeup is fantastic and Glo Minerals makes makeup as well as other beauty products made from all natural products. I only use this line for my makeup. They have everything you need as well as some pretty sparkly things out for the holidays. 

FYI none of these companies know who I am so they definitely didn’t pay me to endorse any of these products. Thank you and goodnight. 

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