Image: Anchored in Love

I realize a lot of you may be wondering why I don’t have a boudoir gallery on my website or why I don’t blog a lot of my boudoir sessions. Boudoir is defined as “a woman’s bedroom, her dressing room”…essentially her most intimate space! Can you imagine the horror of finding out that strangers were looking into your bedroom? You have completely unveiled yourself and then eyes that you have never given permission too are gazing upon you. What would you think? How would you feel? As many of you know, my photography obsession is BOUDOIR!!! There is something about these sessions that fill my heart and creative soul. Often with boudoir, my clients do have someone in mind to reveal their most vulnerable self to. I get to step into that sacred space and it is not something that I take lightly.

I recognize that a woman is booking a session with me in the hopes of doing something amazing for her marriage and for her self-esteem. It’s a super vulnerable thing for them to decide to do and I take that very seriously. For these reasons and more, I’m very protective of my clients. Not only do I identify with them, but I feel for them, and I take responsibility and ownership for the experience they’re going to have with me. Part of that responsibility is choosing to not put their images out into the world for just anyone to see. If I put them out on Facebook or my blog or website, I no longer have control over who sees those images and that can be a very scary thing. For me and for them. I would hate to think that someone else’s husband, or man in general, was lusting after images of my clients that I posted, when the intent of those images was meant for one person and one person only, their husband. I’m not just using them to bring me recognition and grow my business. I want my business to have purpose, to be used to encourage others, to be more than just me sitting behind a computer all day. And this is how I choose to run this side of my business. I know it’s different then what everyone else is doing, but I’m ok with that. I didn’t start a business so I could look like everyone else. And I choose to believe that my clients know that about me.

I am always super grateful when clients give me permission to post and use their images, but I still take responsibility for what happens to them, no matter what. So, I’m sorry that I don’t have an amazing and inspirational gallery for you to look at on my website or weekly sessions to update my blog with, but you’re just going to have to trust me. It pains me not to be able to show you some of these images because I can’t believe how amazing they are half the time! But they do exist. 🙂 My clients love their images and they will tell you again and again. And gratefully, I have a beautiful private gallery that I’ve been able to share with prospective clients. I just have to trust in the Lord that He’ll use this business for good and protect the images whenever they leave my hands.

Does this make it extra hard to do what I do? Of course it does.

Choosing not to show my images just means that I have to work that much harder at building trust with my clients and I’m ok with that. It’s a good challenge for me. It forces me to put myself out there and be vulnerable just like my clients. And I would rather build a business and do it in a way that that I’m proud of and truly believe in. Therefore, I’m very careful about the images that I post. I don’t want anything that I ever post to make someone feel uncomfortable, and if it does, then I want you to tell me! I’m ok with being called out. I would hope my friends and family would hold me accountable to this.

You don’t have to feel as strongly about this as I do. A lot of my clients don’t feel the exact same way as I do but they certainly appreciate it and hire me for these very reasons. They know that they can trust me. Because even if they don’t share in my business philosophy, they believe in the reasons as to why I do what I do. They want to feel loved and encouraged. They want to leave here feeling better about themselves. And they believe in fighting for and doing something bold for their marriage.

So here’s to taking a leap together and fighting for something we believe in!