This is my favorite part! Getting to know the inside information of where the best of the best get their special pieces. It took just as long to write down all the information as it did to do the shoot. But you’ll be amazed at all the different places you can find cool things. The sad part is so many of them are antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces. But the good part is everything else is completely accessible and affordable!

I found the chandelier in my mom’s attic. It was originally brass but I painted it black and bought the burlap shades from Pottery Barn.

These blue coral prints are from Marshall’s.

1. I found this chandelier at a yard sale and spray painted it black.
2. The dining room table was given to me by my mother and I recovered the cushions with fabric to coordinate with the living room. 
3. The glass jars along with the fillers were found at Home Goods.
1. The mirror is from Old Time Pottery
2. The jars came from Brent’s grandfather’s store but you can find these at almost any antique store now!
3. This piece came from Brent’s grandfather’s store also

The Labriola’s Antiques sign was the street sign from Brent’s grandfather’s antique store that was on Oleander in Wilmington. This is where a lot of our antiques are from.

1. I found the lettuce plates at Ross
2. I painted this old frame white and put chicken wire on the back, then hung old postcards from Brent’s grandfather’s store with clothes pins. 
3. The basket is from Home Goods

1. The hand soap is from Williams Sonoma and the antique jewelry box is from an antique store
2. I found this fabric at Fabric Solutions on Market St and wrapped canvas to create these hangings
3. The candle is from Target

1. The headboard came from Brent’s grandfather’s store 
2. The bedding came from Kohl’s

1. The blue clock is from Brent’s family
2. The mercury lamp is from Marshall’s
3. This is a pie safe I found that I spray painted white and distressed

1. My mom and I made some of the pillows with fabric from Discount Fabrics Unlimited in Wilmington. Other pillows came from Stein Mart and Home Goods
2. I found the rug on Craigslist
3. The coffee table was given to me by my mentor
4. The mercury glass pumpkins are from Pottery Barn
1. The lamp is from Pottery Barn
2. The chairs are from Ross. The pillow fabric is from Discount Fabrics Unlimited and matches the dining room chairs
3. I found this blue cabinet at the Ivey Cottage

1. The armoir is from Brent’s grandfather’s shop. I added the fabric to the inside of the door.
2. The fan was given to us by Brent’s dad. The camera was given to me by my mom.
3. Assorted frames from T.J. Maxx and Home Goods
4. The brown suede shoes were my grandmother’s.

1. The pasta jar is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
2. Salt and pepper shakers from Lure, downtown Wilmington

1. The little green bird is from the Shops at Seagate on Oleander in Wilmington
2. The plates are from the Ivey Cottage
3. I made the wreath out of coffee filters
4. The lamp is from Pottery Barn
5. Frames are from T.J. Maxx and Home Goods
1. The lamp is from Lowe’s
2. The chair is also from the Ivey Cottage
3. The little necklace holder is from Home Goods
4. This table is an old metal typing table that I found at a thrift store

1. The bird pictures are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the mirror is from Target.
2. The bedding is from Walmart.

I found this old frame and Brent inserted the mesh on the back and hung it for a jewelry holder.

My dress is from Old Navy, the belt is from Target, and the necklace is from T.J. Maxx.

Here, the potting table came from the Ivey Cottage. My skirt is from Hallelu, my jackets is from Old Navy, my shirt is from Target and the turquoise jewelry is from Dillards. 

You can find these initial mugs at Old Time Pottery. 

My outfit here is all from Old Navy. The boots are from Nine West and I was also wearing feather earrings from Edge of Urge.
The door mat is from New River Pottery on Market St and the lanterns are from Home Goods.
Happy Friday and happy shopping!

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