It was a perfect October day on Saturday as we happily strolled downtown picking our favorite spots to shoot in. I was having such a blast with this couple. We didn’t even mind people stopping us (well my clients) left and right for compliments. Walking down Front St. and trying to stay out of the crowds, we wanted to go in the cutest book store down on Front St. But since it was closed we had to settle for their front stoop. And as I was setting up the shot and changing the settings on my camera, I go to snap, and realized I captured the funniest moment that was going on as I was preparing to shoot. People crack me up. You can’t plan this stuff if you wanted to. But as quickly as I started to chuckle, I also felt great sadness. It was right then that one of my favorite images, from my favorite wedding photographer, came to mind. I couldn’t believe my luck at how hilariously similar this image was to one she previously captured. My heart also started to ache. My beloved wedding photographer, Tracy Turpen, took the second (and much better) shot below. Tracy passed away earlier this year and it breaks my heart to know that the world lost such a talented artist. That she won’t be gracing the world with her unbelievable images anymore. But her legacy will definitely live on, her work speaks a thousand words to people all around the world. She is still alive on our walls, our computer, and ingrained in my mind.  
As I looked up from staring at the back of my camera, my clients were looking at me patiently waiting for direction. So I had to brush off the melancholy feeling and start communicating (happily) to my clients my ideas for this spot, knowing that this image, once I hand it over, won’t mean half as much to them as it does to me. 

 One of my all time favs, I may be biased….

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