I am so dang excited about the new product that came in last week. After attending WPPI a few weeks ago, I really became motivated to offer my clients products that I could get excited about, that matched my brand, and that I knew they wouldn’t be able to get from just anywhere. When I found these barn wood frames I knew immediately I wanted to offer them because I immediately wanted one for our house 🙂 They are all 100% reclaimed barn wood with a print of your choice beautifully printed on rag white paper with a torn edge. Say what? I know. It’s a beautiful cotton textured paper that is hand torn. GOR-GEOUS. I ordered an 18×24 that is now hanging in our living room and it’s probably one of my favorite things. You can order it as small as an 8×10 so it’s great for any budget. And I apologize for all of the same angled images but the only blank wall I had left to hang it on shows my reflection in most of them 🙂