As this wedding season picks up once again, I’m reminded of my “one word” and how miserably I’ve been failing to focus on it so far this year. “Priorities” has not been a priority to me.  But the beauty of having one word and not a lot of news year’s resolutions that you’ll inevitably fail at, is that you can refocus back on your one word anytime throughout the year. You can always regroup and remember what you set out to focus on at the beginning of the year. My thinking is always that things will eventually slow down and I’ll work on “this” and “that” then. But you slowly realize that things don’t slow down. It actually gets busier.

While I still have my wits about me, I need to prioritize and make sure I’m spending time on things that actually matter. I’ve been slowly spending less and less time on things like Facebook and Pinterest. I saw the video below when I watched Zach and Jody speak at WPPI this year. It’s quite fascinating. We’ve become such a sad culture in a way. It this what we deem important? It must be if it’s where we’re spending all of our time. I want to make things like my quiet times a priority, spending time with my husband, and reading books that have been on my list for, like, ever. Oh and going to Britt’s donuts. There are useful tools out there to help curb your Facebook time if you don’t know where to start. And don’t act like you don’t have this problem. We all do to an extent.

1. Programs like RescueTime (or LeechBlock for Firefox) allows you to decide how much time you want to allow yourself to spend on these sites and then it blocks them until the next day/time. Also good to use as a parenting tool. Can you believe we actually need programs to help us get off the internet!?

2. Use apps like Boxcar that collect all of your social media alerts in one place. Only look at it once a day and only respond to the important things!

3. Turn OFF the notifications on your phone! Even remove the Facebook and Twitter apps from your phone (gasp!).

4. Refine what you’re looking at on Facebook. You know there are only certain people who’s statuses you care about. Did you know you can hide statuses from certain people without having to “de-friend” them? Refine what you’re looking at and stop wasting your time. Only have important and encouraging messages show up on your feed. Do the same for twitter. Except these people you actually have to stop following.

5. Link your twitter/facebook/instagram to update all at the same time. You can do this through Hootesuite or actually link all of these programs together. You only have to update one to update them all.

When I saw this picture, I thought “Yes!”. Why do we need to be reminded of this? Summer is almost here. Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends and stop looking at your phone! (I’m preaching to myself, can you tell?) Whatever that “ding” is that just went off, it’s not as important as who you’re with at the moment. Prioritize!

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