Image: MetDaan

Photoshop- does anyone really know what that consists of???

I know there’s a lot of controversy out on social media these days about photoshop and a concern for companies to photoshop or not photoshop their images. For instance, the print publication Darling has made a stand to not photoshop any of the women in their magazine. So I want to explain how I use photoshop in my business for my boudoir sessions.

I think of it as my job to get the shot right in camera (when I’m taking the image) as much as possible. I work hard to make sure you have the right outfits for your body picked out and to put you in the best poses for you as possible. Along with professional hair and makeup and great studio lighting make for an amazing image and one that you would be proud of!

I don’t shy away from the fact that I photoshop my images but only what I would want done myself! And I create an image that is exactly how I saw you in the studio and how you looked to me on camera. So the photoshopping that is done you would hardly notice. It’s getting rid of small lines or wrinkles, little places of cellulite and harsh tan lines.

Heck, I would want someone to do that for me! I certainly don’t want to see those things!

Other things I correct are what I consider my oversights: flyaways I didn’t fix, makeup that might have fallen under your eyes, or a twisted piece of clothing.

You can have the utmost confidence that the women you see in the pictures are all YOU. I’ve never had a client that didn’t have flaws. We ALL have them. And the funny thing is, clients point them out to me, but I probably would have never noticed them if they hadn’t said anything!

You’re the only one looking at yourself under a magnifying glass. And it’s time you saw yourself in a whole new light. I’d love for you to reach out if you’re ready to make the leap and finally book your session!