Why I’m doing this to myself, I have no idea. The more I worked on this picture the more depressed I got. First of all, hubby wasn’t home, so voila self-portrait, and I used a wide angle lens. Bravo. Way to make a bad picture even worse. Oh yeah, and it was at night, hence the orange glow. ANYways, today is hump day help so hopefully this will be somewhat of an eye opener to some of you. 
We had a great time at the glamour and boudoir open house last weekend! I had so much fun with the girls there and can’t wait to do another one! Makes me anxious for Spring. As I was talking to the group at the end of the night, I had an idea in the middle of my speech. To do a post on “before and after” with the use of Photoshop. I feel like women read all these magazines and don’t realize how much the images are touched up. If I was the editor of a magazine, I would want my magazine to be pretty, showcase beautiful people, and draw people to it. Therefore I would fix anything in my images in order to make them perfect. I thought maybe it would be helpful if I did a self-portrait of how I would photoshop my face, not necessarily for a magazine but just to get it to where I thought it was postable. Is that a word?
When, not if, because I know you do, but when you read those magazines with the feature of “Stars Without Makeup” (said in a dramatic, deep voice) just remember that yes, the photo may have been taken when they weren’t wearing makeup but the photo certainly didn’t go untouched before it was published. SO below is a picture of myself sans makeup. Ahhh! Scary, I know. But I did it for you. And only you. Even though I personally think I look scary in both pictures (I think I was thinking about how freakin’ heavy this camera is to hold out in front of me) I hope it sheds some light on the world of photoshop. The question was raised at the open house if I touch up the boudoir and glamour photos. Yes, I do but very minimally. Usually the hair and makeup looks so amazing that I don’t need to do anything but fix lighting. So go forth today knowing you look 10x better than me and that the outside is not what matters! 
And remember, a smile makes you look ten times more beautiful!

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