You may remember my posts here and here about my trip to the Peony farm last summer in western NC. It was amazing and I almost want to make it an annual trip, it was so beautiful and picture heaven! Well the small family owned farm has just launched their website using my pictures, and they’re getting ready to harvest the 2011 peony season!
So many brides are having DIY weddings these days and it’s getting easier and easier to do a wedding on a budget and have a unique, beautiful DIY wedding. The Peony Patch is the perfect way to skip the middle man and have fresh, beautiful flowers for your wedding day. You can pick flowers up from the farm or they ship them worldwide to individuals, florists, and designers. Peonies come in so many colors and smell amazing! I almost changed the season I was getting married in just so I could use peonies.
peony patch
So contact the Peony Patch today and get your order in! If for nothing else, just have them in your house so the whole place will smell yummy!

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