For the new website I had to get on the other side of the lens- do what!? I heard someone wise say, and I believe it was the fabulous J* (if it’s not, I’m sorry), that how will you ever know what your clients are going through and be able to better communicate to them if you’ve never been in their shoes? Ugh….The fear….it is creeping up. The only person I felt comfortable snapping pictures of me was my husband, who I quickly realized was more worried about the technicalities of shooting than what he was shooting.

“There’s so many things you have to think about,” he said looking through the lens. “Just tell me what to do!” I would yell back, feeling naked with that thing pointing at me.

In the small amount of time that we had to shoot, because of our opposite schedules, I was very proud of the images he produced. Not because I thought I looked so good but because I know he has the eye and he can do it. He’s definitely creative and that’s something I love about him. This was, needless to say, a good opportunity for us to work on our communication skills and plow through we did. And I am loving my new lens. It is my new baby. Sorry, Lucy. You’ll see why I love it so much in the session I will be posting soon…it produces yummy goodness. But for now, this is what I think about being on the other side of the lens:


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