I had many things on my list to accomplish last year and sad to say that a lot of them will be on the list again this year (wah wah)… But last year was amazing for the business! I had some great weddings in some great locations (hardly any in Wilmington) and I was able to stay sane through it all! I always find that a plus. This year I’m getting super organized because the following year is usually more hectic than the last. I’ve listed a few of my goals for 2011 and will update the list throughout the year. More for my encouragement than yours. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!

1. Become more God-centered and God-focused in all aspects of my life

2. Learn how to love my husband better

3. Shoot a destination wedding

4. Be on time with my blog posts (ha!)

5. Get back to working out regularly

check! P90x and insanity are my friends.

6. Get published! (I really want to be in Southern Weddings!)

7. Update the website – check!

Thank you Showit!

8. Cook more meals and eat more as a family

Started doing Shakeology together and definitely eating together!

9. Acquire some lenses I’ve been eyeing 😉

check! got the 24mm-70mm. woohoo!

10. Go back to Haiti

loved every minute of it!

11. Have all my Hope for Kidz children sponsored plus more!
I’m so excited we accomplished this!

12. Shoot a trash the dress session

Thank you for your craziness Laura Davis!

13. Take a trip with my husband
Anniversary trip to Asheboro, loved it!

14. Use our kayaks more than once- didn’t use them last summer!!

And unfortunately we sold them. Boooo

15. Get my newsletters out on time! (this may be my downfall)

This was easy, I trashed the newsletters 🙂

16. Attend Making Things Happen- ugh can i just meet amazing people already?!

Yes! I took the leap and went!

17. I want to go to WPPI. Bad. Anyone want to make this happen for me?
I’m going – woohoo!!!!!

18. Not work on Sundays

Not perfect but definitely made great progress!

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