I love making products and I love seeing my images in print. There’s nothing better than having something tangible to show for your work. In the next few posts I’ll be showcasing a few products that I offer. So let’s start with the best one, shall we? The Album. Yummmmm. The packaging for the Finao One albums is worth buying the album for. I love great packaging and presentation. This is a flush mount album which means the images, or layout, is printed on the page. It’s all one big print like a magazine. There are a myriad of materials you can choose for your album, leather being my favorite, with a canvas image on the front like the one shown below. This is a romantic layout that I chose for this album but you can also get a square, more modern layout too. The thick pages and the weight of the album speaks for the quality. As much as I love the digital age, we can’t forgot the reason we want wedding pictures in the first place, to have something we can look at to remind us of that special day! Clients receive digital images from me but I can’t stress enough the importance of having those images printed. This is something that will truly last a lifetime and something you’ll be able to pass onto your children and grandchildren. You can’t say that about a CD!


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