My first week on my own under my belt. It feels good, right? It does. But it’s also scary. You’re so excited to get here and then once you are the fear and doubt starts to creep in. It’s only natural. Even those of us that have an assurance of what we’re supposed to be doing and have seen everything set in place, still allow those thoughts to creep in every now and then. But I know it’s going to be a daily battle to brush those thoughts away. I don’t have time to worry about next year, I have a shoot today. The birds worked to store up and create a nest for themselves for this season and the Lord continues to take care of them season after season so why wouldn’t He do the same for me? I’m grateful for this scary time because it forces me to rely on Him so much more. I almost don’t like a comfortable, safe life because you tend to rely on things and how good everything is instead of the Lord for your daily needs.  I can’t make people find me online or make them want to book with me. My daily bread has to come from Him and I will be learning to rely on Him more and more as the days go on. And as much as I’m scared I’m also excited because amazing things can happen when you trust in the Lord and let Him lead you. We think we have great plans for ourselves….