As you have probably figured out, boudoir sessions have become a passion of mine. Giving women an incredible day and leaving feeling better than they ever have about themselves, it’s an awesome feeling. The only way I could possibly get this point across is through a video so here is a video the wonderful Natalie Robles created for me! There will be more in the making 😉

I hope, if you’re thinking about doing a session, you’ll squash all your fears and just got for it! You don’t need a reason to do one. Doing for yourself is the best reason! I have all the same insecurities as other women and doing this video and having to actually name, and say aloud, things that I liked about myself was hard! But we need to find the things we like about ourselves and focus on those. Start training our minds to think on the positive and extinguish the negative thoughts that play in our head all. day. long. No time like the present!

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