Soooooo (my husband likes to joke about how I say ‘so” a lot) I don’t know a whole lot about the SkinPen treatment except what I just looked up 🙂 I have struggled with acne most of my life and have some skin discoloration and blemishes left from it (and still struggle with it all today!). My dad, thank goodness, is a Dermatologist in Goldsboro, at Goldsboro Skin Center (not an ad in any way), and so I asked him what I should do about my skin issues. He recommended I try SkinPen and try I did. For those of you who would like to have it done before summer, which I recommend, and for brides who are interested in the treatment before their wedding, I thought I would track my experience just in case anyone is curious!

It’s been a week since I went for treatment. Some of you may have seen my video updates on Instagram, herehere, and here about it. 

Numbing Cream look 😉

They put numbing cream on me first which was a weird feeling. It tingled at first like your face is about to fall asleep (weird!) but then it goes away, of course. Then they did a chemical peel on me first, which I don’t believe has to be done in order to do it, I think it just helps. Then they use a little machine that looks like a pen (hence the name) and run it across your face while they keep your face moist with water. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done but it wasn’t unbearable either. I probably sounded like a whimp because the P.A. kept asking the nurse how long she had the numbing cream on me. Not long enough apparently (even though it was actually longer than normal, i.e. woose).

Right After Treatment

My face burned for a little while after and I had some splotchy red spots. Then it turned into an all over sunburned look but it didn’t hurt as much, it just felt tight and dry. They gave me strong healing cream to put on it for the next couple of weeks to help with the healing and pealing. The redness was gone by that night but I still battle with the dryness and pealing. My face also did break out which can happen but I also didn’t use my acne medicine for a few days because it makes my face pretty dry too and I didn’t want to add to the madness. My skin is really sensitive so anything different you do to it, it throws a fit and you semi regret doing anything. But I know it will be good in the long run. The office recommended I go for a second treatment since some of my blemishes are deep so I have a second appointment scheduled for the end of the month. I will post an update from those results too!

I’m sure there are plenty of places in Wilmington that offer it. I think I’ll have a better viewpoint of it after my second treatment. And since everyone loves a before and after…..some makeup on in the after but I think you get the point. And you can tell I looked thrilled for what was about to happen in my before 😉

p.s. I had to Google how to spell “woose”. Just didn’t look right for some reason….
p.s.s i’m sitting in my new office chair in my after pic. woohoo!

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