Aw, working out. Such a love/hate relationship. Dieting or eating well has never been my strong point but I’ve always been active so that’s what I rely on to stay “in shape”. I played sports all my life but after getting married and working 2 jobs I had to find some way to stay active since time was much more of an issue. Like others, I was sucked into the P90X infomercials and lost. I, like others, started it and restarted it and restarted it. But last fall, after not working out all summer because of a crazy wedding season, I was committed to finishing it and finishing well. Then when I heard P90X2 was coming out, I definitely wanted to be prepared to tackle that beast. So I completed P90X in the fall of 2011 and began P90X2 right after the new year. I don’t typically lose a lot of weight unless I really reduce my calorie intake, and if you know me, you KNOW how difficult that is for me. I get hangry and nobody wants that.
So I had to think of another way to track my progress and body fat sounded like a good way to go. When doing this blog post I looked at my before pictures I took months ago. Maybe even a year ago. They really aren’t that drastically different. They also aren’t the most appropriate things to post so just trust me on it. But I have more definition and am much more toned. And boy was my hair long! Anyways, the point is that these programs work. It was only 90 days to complete P90X2 and I felt wonderful! My clothes fit better, my numbers we continuing to decrease, and at 90 days, others were starting to notice too. I was also having Shakeology everyday for breakfast so that ensured at least I was getting one healthy meal a day! (and oreos the other two). Just kidding. Have you tried the new Fudge Creams?? OK I’m done.
Really I just want to encourage others on their journey. I think being healthy will always be an uphill battle. We constantly have to fight our flesh and do what we know is right for our bodies. I have now moved on to Insanity which is kicking my butt but have a feeling I’ll see even better results from this program. And the best part is that it’s even shorter (60 days!). You still have time before summer officially begins to make a decision for your life. To committ to living a better, healthier lifestyle and look good in that bathing suit! Insanity, even for 30 days, will definitely get your butt into shape. Start somewhere. It’s better than nothing and you’ll be lapping those still on the couch. You should feel good about yourself! Just get those endorphins flowing, it does wonders! Even if you don’t lose weight, at least you’re losing stress and being good to your heart!
Feel free to ask me any questions! I’m not an expert but want to help anyone who’s willing to take it! I struggle just like everyone else and know how much it helps to have a support system. Here’s to being healthy!
Day 1
Weight: 136
BMI: 21.1
Body Fat: 19.6%
Day 30
Weight: 135
BMI: 21
Body Fat: 19%
Day 90
Weight: 133
BMI: 20.8
Body Fat: 17.5%

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