I’m not a huge decorator for the holidays. I like to keep it simple and natural and honestly I’d rather spend my money on other things. It does help that the hubby works at a local home improvement store. I like to go and get free garland and chunks of christmas tree trunks 🙂 Say that 10 times fast. Christmas just isn’t about the stuff or the gifts for us so we don’t like to stress and fuss over it. I have enough decor that doesn’t take me more than 2 hours to put up and bam, I’m done. As long as I have the smell of Christmas trees I am just fine. If I wouldn’t get strange looks, I would leave that scented plugin in all year long. I love it so. I would love to see pictures of how you decorate for the holidays! Feel free to leave a link to some pictures on this post.

Merry Christmas!

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