I’ve made all these lists in my head of the things I’d like to acheive but to make it more concrete (and to have accountability!) I’ve decided to write them down. This will also give you some insight into the things that are important to me. I certainly have high long term goals but that may be another post for another day. As I go through and achieve these goals (& hopefully I will!), I’ll let you know about it and link back to this list to check it off! I’ll also continue to add more to the list as they come to mind. So in NO uncertain order:

I want to….

1. Read my Bible more

2. Spend more time in prayer

3. Spend more quality time with my husband

4. Have all successful weddings and happy brides this year 🙂

5. Shoot an out-of-state wedding

6. Be on time with my blog posts (ha!)

7. Eat healthier

8. Cook more meals and eat more as a family

9. Acquire some lenses I’ve been eyeing 😉

10. Attend the Love Affair Workshop

11. Go back to Haiti or help in some way

12. Have all my Hope for Kidz children sponsored plus more!

13. Shoot a trash the dress session

14. Book double the amount of weddings for next year (so 10)

15. Take a trip with my husband

16. Use our kayaks more than once

17. Have golden retriever puppies (looks like this will be happening soon!)

18. Buy a Mac Book

19. Get my newsletters out on time! (this may be my downfall)