I’ve been in love with Spotify ever since it came out and today I’m sharing my boudoir playlist with you, my special friends. 😉

I love Spotify because I can make custom playlists and play them wherever I go. You can also listen to the thousands of playlists that Spotify already has or follow other friends and listen to their playlists. I love using it while my clients are getting ready in the studio and be able to control what we’re listening to. I can play their favorite music when they’re here or put on a fun playlist if they don’t have a preference. My playlist for my sessions is ever changing but I thought I would share it for you here for a little fun on this Friday.

I’m heading out to Texas next week so I’m sure I’ll be making a playlist for the trip! What are you currently listening to? You can follow all of my playlists on Spotify here!


P.S. I’m going to spend the day with the most amazing Kara Marie Boudoir in Austin and I can’t wait to share what I learn from her! It’s been a long time goal of mine to do a mentorship with her and I couldn’t be more excited! Follow me along on Insta for all the fun!