SO my birthday was last week and it was wonderful! I never like a fuss for my birthday- I mean it means I’m aging- yay let’s celebrate that. Can I stay 19 please? Well this one was so special for many reasons. I had a great time with my family friends out at Yosake sushi restaurant downtown, so good that I didn’t take any pictures. whah.

I woke up to my wonderful husband leaving me the best card I’ve ever gotten and then beautiful flowers at work. Not to brag or anything. (but best card ever!)

After dinner we came home and there was a wonderful surprise waiting for me! (really good surprise!)

I mean isn’t it perfect? I’ve wanted and lusted after them for so long.

That’s hot right?

I could take pictures of it all day long.

But I won’t. Moving on.

So then the in-laws came this weekend and brought me another suprise. (i mean awesome surprise!).

This is the other thing I have been lusting after for sooo long!

We’d been planning on building one ourselves but Michael’s dad built it for us. Can you believe that? It’s B-E-A-utiful!

I mean look at that grain! And color…

You can’t get this anywhere but from a 100 year old piece of wood. And a blacksmith barn at that.

So remember that cute little fluffy puppy I showed you the other day? Well look what we came home to 2 hours after my table had arrived in my living room.

Oh yes. but that’s not all. That’s 1…



4 corners!!!

And I promise I didn’t photograph the same corner twice. Somebody decided this was their new chew toy and not my birthday present. Oh yes. All my father-in-law’s hard work. I was devastated. BUT i just have to remind myself that it gives it character and we’ll have a story to tell everytime someone asks us why the corners of our table are like that.

It’s ok Lucy, I still love you.

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