Aw our little one is growing so fast! It was just yesterday that I could fit her in both of my hands together and she was all soft and fluffy. This morning Michael weighed her and she was 51 pounds! When will she stop? She still has all this skin to grow into and it’s a little scary. I will be glad when the puppy chewing is over though. I found a black picture frame of mine with a whole corner missing the other day. Not good. You don’t notice the growing until you look back at pictures of when they were teeny tiny pups. Lucy, I can’t wait until you can have puppies! I’ll have to start looking for a stud 😉 Too soon?

5 weeks old

Look at how little and fluffy she is!

Please stay this small, please!

Now she’s 6 weeks and getting into trouble.

How can you resist this?!

4 mos. Growth spurt…we need to stop these somehow.

5 mos. this must be the teenage awkward stage…bad hair…scrawny

7 mos and 51 pounds holy cow. but she finally got in the water and loves it! now if we can just get her to jump off the dock.

she’s growing past her best friend. (please jump off!)

Oh break my heart!

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