To all my amazing clients: THANK YOU! You’re the ones who make what I do even possible! These words from this sweet client warmed my heart today. This is what keeps me going:

“I initially saw this idea in a bridal magazine as I was just beginning to make wedding preparations. I knew as I looked into this idea more and more, that this would be something that would truly be a gift for my fiance, that he would love and appreciate. I started researching photographers and chose Dana. There was something in her images and on her website that made me feel like she knew the spirit I was trying to capture with this gift. Although I thought this was something I was doing for him, (even up until the morning of the shoot, I was anxious and nervous), I would say this was a gift to myself. As we talked on the morning of the shoot, I got to hear your heart and your reasons behind Boudoir and photography, hear a little more of your story, and this gave me a peace that helped me to relax and have fun.

After I saw my images, I was so excited and relieved! I, like most women, tend to be hard on myself, but I really loved how natural and happy and confident I looked!

Dana, you were my favorite part of the experience! After I decided to do this photo shoot, I was really anxious. From the moment I pulled in the driveway, you made me feel at home and comfortable. You sat down with me, as if we were old friends, while I was getting my hair and makeup done, which really set the tone for the rest of the day…I felt comfortable to share myself and my stories with you. By the time we started taking pictures, I felt like I had known you for years!” -Miss C

After their boudoir experience, most of my clients realize how meaningful this was for themselves. They go into it with the mindset of it being an awesome gift for their husband and it always becomes a bigger gift for themselves. It’s not something you can put a price on. I hear such similar words time after time once the sessions are over. It changes you…and that’s my hope is that you leave here different than when you came in.