This post is a very personal one for me. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were in Haiti, enjoying it’s beauty and great people. Then right after we left, tragedy struck. I had to hear the news report about 5 times before I believed what had happened. And then the world amazed me at how everyone pulled together to support Haiti in whatever way they could. There was such an amazing outpouring of love.

It still seems fresh in my mind but it’s crazy how today marks the one year anniversary of that day. 1 YEAR!

I’m affraid the world has forgotten about Haiti already. Please take time today to pray for Haiti. Not to just think about and remember what happened one year ago, but PRAY. That’s what they really need from you. Pray for revival in Haiti, which I believe began happeneing the day of the earthquake. Pray for their living conditions. That the world wouldn’t forget them. That lives will be changed from this.

This picture is how I best remember Haiti. Hardworking, beautiful, and vibrant.

I still see Haiti in that way but I hate to think of what their life is like now when it was a hard life even before the earthquake.

If you still feel a tug in your heart (and I know I do) and you want to contribute and help Haiti in some way, you can! You can purchase the boat print above for $15 here and all proceeds will go to Reciprocal Ministries International (RMI) which is an organization based in Haiti who has been helping with the relief efforts from day one.

You can also sponsor a child in Haiti (which I love!). RMI also has a program called Hope For Kidz and I help organize this effort in Wilmington. There are wonderful children whom you can sponsor from grades 1-6. I know these children, I’ve danced and sung with these children and watched them walk to school. Your money will not go unappreciated. For $250/yr you pay for their:

o School tuition & entrance fee
o One school uniform
o One pair of shoes (most likely their only pair)
o School books for that year
o School lunch for that year
o One church outfit

Even if you can’t afford a child on your own, talk to your family, your friends. Get together and sponsor a child together. I have a group of 6 couples that sponsor a child- it can happen!

Please contact me if you have questions about either one. You can view pictures from our trip to Haiti last November here. Even if you can’t support Haiti financially, please keep them in your prayers. Prayer can make an even bigger difference.

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