I know I haven’t posted lately and that’s because I’ve been out of town but this has been one great week! I love my blog and I love my readers (if there are any of you out there) but there may be some slow times on here as I get my ducks in a row. I’ve got to take time for myself, ya know? So just be patient. I promise I’ll be back.

This week I spent a few days in Atlanta (more on why I was there later) and it was amazing. At some points in time I thought it sucked, mostly because I was believing the negative thoughts in my head, but looking back, it was truly wonderful. While I was there I stayed with an old coworker who had moved to Atlanta, and let me tell you, cute apartment, yummy yummy food, and adorable dog!

Mr. Charlie, their boston terrier, would be waiting outside my door when I woke up in the morning, I would let him in, he would then wait for me to let him know it was ok to come up on the bed (which he was obviously waiting to do), and he would just burrow his way underneath the covers. Uh! Will he fit in my suitcase? He was too cute. I have to say, I don’t let dogs in my bed (and really I never do) but this was one I couldn’t resist. Charlie, I hope to come back and see you one day. Keep the bed warm for me.

Happy Friday!
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