Melissa attended the same church and has since become a full time missionary in Romania. We have spent years praying for her and the children in Romania. While in Romania, Melissa fell in love with a Romanian man named Bogdan. They had a beautiful wedding in Romania. (You can see their awesome wedding video here. I’m falling in love with video, can you tell?!) Melissa and Bogdan now have a wonderful bundle of joy! They came back to the U.S. for the last few months of Melissa’s pregnancy and the delivery. I didn’t really know what else to give them for a wedding/baby gift so what better than pictures! Mattei (sure hope I’m spelling that right) was born two weeks ago and is the sweetest little baby boy. Bogdan doesn’t speak that much English so it was a fun session as far as communication goes, but it was so sweet to watch him speak and whisper to Mattei in Romanian. He really is at ease when he’s in his daddy’s arms. He is certainly a blessed boy and has quite the adventure ahead of him!

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