What an amazing experience I got to have recently (and give!). It was a dream come true getting to work with celebrity makeup artist, Robin Siegel. I have admired her work for so long and I couldn’t wait to get to work with her! We were able to give a beautiful photo session experience to my good friend and client, Whitney. She was pregnant and due very soon and I couldn’t miss out on documenting this time for her. Robin took the time to make her feel so beautiful and special. We got some amazing images from our session and I even put together a short video of what a session like this looks like….and since I was able to document little baby Ada’s birth as well, you get to see the real end result! I know you don’t feel amazing or beautiful usually during your pregnancy but I don’t want you to regret not documenting this time in your life. SO many women look back 5 years later and think, “Gosh, I wish I had more pictures taken when I was pregnant!”. And not only is it important for you, but also for your kids to have as they grow up and appreciate them.

And be sure to watch the behind the scenes video of Whitney’s maternity session. I loved getting to give her a day of pampering. AND you get to see little baby Ada arrive at the end because I got the change to photograph her delivery! Makes me cry every time I watch it!

I’d love to give you this same experience and make sure you have a way to document this time in your life. And give you a chance to feel pretty even when you think you don’t! Shoot me a message here to get more info! Xoxo, Dana

Makeup//Robin Siegel Beauty
Backdrop//Brooke Eagle, Drewe Smith