I’m so excited for this couple! My husband and I have known them for a long time and now they’re going to have a baby boy! I always think the best place for a maternity shoot is at the parents’ home. There are so many personal things to use and it’s fun to tell a story there through the photographs. My husband and I went to Mexico on a mission trip with Ashley and Daniel a few years ago and all 4 of us were single at the time. It’s crazy to think now we’re married and one of us is having a baby! Little Jameson is going to be so loved. Sampson, their dog, may have some competition now. He wanted to be near us so bad. He couldn’t stand that we weren’t paying attention to him. He better get used to it now! I love the shot I got of him in the foreground with Ashley and Daniel in the background- it shows his personality perfectly!

I love her eyes. They’re just beautiful!

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