It’s funny how people come into your lives. April and I met when she was so generous to donate her wedding dress for women in Haiti when I was collecting dresses for our trip 2 years ago. Now she’s having a baby and asked me to photograph this time in their lives. The skies looked gloomy on the day of their session, but we were determined to make it work! I’ve learned you can make any situation work, you just have to be creative! We headed downtown and walked the quaint little streets of Wilmington and then headed to my favorite spot this year- the poppy field! I am so honored to photograph this time in April and Brandon’s lives and can’t wait for their next sessions!

Brandon can make her laugh like no one else can!

Look at those flowers!

When I first saw this image, I about died. The sun peaked out for about 10 seconds and we took advantage!

Baby shoes from Australia, where they were when they found out they were pregnant.

They’ve picked out a name but they’re not telling anyone yet. Didn’t keep me from trying to guess his name the whole time!

Can’t wait to meet him!
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