No doubt I have some faithful clients and when another major life event was coming into the Presher’s life, of course I was going to be there for this one- their first daughter’s baby pictures! You may remember seeing Laura’s maternity session. Well, little Madeline sure wasn’t in a hurry to come out into the world! I love getting to experience time with family’s during their first couple of weeks with their newborn. And what I actually loved seeing the most was how big brother, Nick, was just in love with his new baby sister. It was so sweet to see the way he would hold her, and look at her, and love on her. He’s going to be such a big help to mom and dad. I think the Presher’s are done with life events at the moment but you never know. I have enjoyed capturing their life for the past year so much and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next! Oh yeah, and don’t miss a fun little surprise at the end of the post!

And now for a little surprise I cooked up for the Presher family! Plus I love going the extra mile for my clients! 
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