Some of you may have gotten sucked into addicted to Bravo’s new show Toned Up like myself. I’m not gonna hide it. I live at the beach so their lifestyle appeals to me and their infectious happiness and energy seems to emit from the TV screen and smack me in the face. They have definitely gotten me motivated (and wanting to try Perfect Fit protein powder). Dang it, I’m such a sucker. But it was just the motivation I needed since I quite my full time job that had an in-house gym I relied on and now I’ve just been sitting on my butt for the last few months. I like that they have a community that you can use to keep you motivated and also use to find people in your area to workout with. ANYWAYS, enough of the free promotion. All that to say is I’ve created a playlist that has gotten me motivated to run longer and further and I wanted to share it in case anyone else out there is on Spotify (what up!) wants to use this playlist. Anyone out there use Spotify? How is this legal?? All I know is I love it and I’d love to hear your workout playlists if you have any! (I apologize for the bad language ahead of time!). Did you know you can even listen to your playlists on your phone too? LOVE it. Going out to run now! See ya!

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