And we’re back! I haven’t totally grasped that we’re not in Haiti anymore. In reality I’m having a harder time adjusting back to American food then I did to the Haitian food. I hope to have more pictures to share after the holiday so for now I’m just going to leave you with a journal entry I wrote just after having left the village in Boyer, sitting at the mission retreat center reflecting on it all.
Thursday, November ?, 2011

I’m sitting under a gazebo right now in this paradise called Zanglais in Haiti. We’ve just finished our time working in Boyer and even though we were only there 3 1/2 days, it felt like a month. It’s so hot I couldn’t even remember what month it is when I was writing this entry, let alone know what day it is. It doesn’t feel anything like November. I don’t even know what to make of this whole week. It’s been a whirlwind. The sweat has just become apart of me. Along with the bug bites. When A/C is not an option you just learn to manage and you don’t know any different. I suppose that’s how Haiti is. They live how they live and they don’t know any different. I’ll probably be singing Loue Loue  for the next 6 months. I seem to wake up with it playing in my head. Seeing those kids dance with every bone in their body and singing their hearts out to the Lord will never leave my memory. It’s so good to be able to go and get a reminder of what all out worship is like. It’s like the best concert ever to them. How we would act at a music concert singing our hearts out to our favorite songs. Haiti will always have a special place in my heart. The language barrier is always hard but I can’t wait to see my brothers and sisters in Heaven  and be able to communicate perfectly with them. I just pray for those souls we came in contact with. For those 9 little kids who said they wanted to give their heart to the Lord at our open air service. For any of those who heard or preaching through the speakers. Haiti needs the Lord as much as the U.S. does. The sad part is the media influence is still there as much as it is in the U.S. Which almost makes it worse. Because if you have even just a little technology like Haiti does, the influence still gets through and it’s usually all bad. Music, billboards, music videos, etc. I just know we all have the same need for mercy, forgiveness, and a loving father. We’re still so similar. We all have our problems. 

I know I’ll go home and go back to the American way of life but I pray that this passion I have for the Lord won’t go away. Sometimes it takes going to Haiti and being stripped of all your comforts to realize how much you need the Lord. My feet have never looked worse but my heart has never been so full. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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