In Wilmington, even though we have the beach, there is a common complaint that there’s not a lot of natural areas to shoot in. We have a couple parks but as a photographer who shoots year-round in a town saturated by photographers, you want something different! This is where creativity comes into play. I love shooting in places that look magical and like we’re somewhere completely different. Like NOT Wilmington. I love this town but you can only get so creative at the beach. This year I had to look around town with fresh eyes and come up with some cool, new places to shoot. I love it when someone hires me for a session and responds when I ask them what type of style are they wanting for their shoot with, “We would really like something like a big, open field with a rustic barn.” Do they know where they are?? BUT it’s my job to figure it out and “make it work” (love me some PR). Here are a few examples of my creative locations this year.
One of my beautiful senior session girls, Lauren. They always want something fun and girly and who doesn’t love flowers?
The only place to find a field of flowers like this in Wilmington. Her mom was a little nervous when I pulled a hard right on the side of the highway. But it was totally worth it!
Remember this adorable little girl?? She’s one of my favorite kids ever! Her mom wanted a Spring/Easter look and this was the ONLY place I’ve seen that has something with color so shoot here we did!

This was also on the side of the road in downtown Wilmington! It’s so random. No flowers when I went back to snap a picture of this. On the other side of this road is a Burger King and further on the left are houses.

See! There’s my car on the pavement 🙂
Work with what you got and have a great weekend!
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