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Boudoir sessions are so intimidating to think about, aren’t they?? Even for me to do one, as a photographer, is an intimidating thought. But I’m hear to help take that fear away. You know you’re going to be put in a vulnerable space, and as women, a million thoughts run through our head when we start to ponder doing something like this. Will I look good enough? Will I like my body? Will he like my body? Will I like the pictures? Will these outfits work on me? Will the session be awkward? Can I trust the photographer? How will I know what to do? How to pose? And so on…..

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I think I make my clients feel so comfortable and at east because I know all too well how they feel, if not more. You may not believe me, but I’m probably the most self-conscious, insecure person around. It’s true! These sessions are like therapy for me because I feel like I walk through these emotions with you and when I’m coaching and encouraging you, on some level I’m talking to myself.

I almost revel in the chance to help someone overcome these fears. Because I know at the end of a session they’ll know longer have them and that’s a great feeling. In a matter of 90 or so minutes, I’m able to help those fears disappear. That’s one of the empowering parts of doing a session. You begin by having all of these fears, then you face them, you push through them (I make it sound like it’s so difficult even though it’s not!), and then you feel amazed at yourself at the end for having gone through with it, and realizing that none of those fears are even a thought anymore. It’s a little symbolic of life isn’t it?

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I’m here to make this process as easy and fun as possible. I work at diminishing those fears right from the beginning and here’s how:

  1. Initial Email: Once you inquire with me, I send you an email chalk full of information to give you more insight about myself and my sessions. You’re able to see a full boudoir gallery with examples of sessions I’ve done and how the process works. You should feel comfortable about the person who will be photographing you, their work, and trust that they will make it easy and enjoyable. Hopefully you’ve gained some trust with me through looking at my website but if you need a little boost, this email will hopefully do that!
  2. Consultative Phone Call: Once you book a session with me, I setup a consultative phone call, or Skype call, with you to answer any and all questions you might have. We talk about what you want to get out of the session, what outfits you should bring, what hair and makeup you like, how to setup a secret Pinterest board, etc. This phone call will really help put you at ease. Fear usually comes from a fear of the unknown, so I try to give you as many answers as possible! This helps put you in the right frame of mind for your session, as well as set you up for success because you’ll now know how to prep for your session and feel good about what to bring.
  3. Secret Pinterest Board: I encourage you to create a secret Pinterest board and to invite me to view it. This way I can see the kinds of images you’re drawn to and what outfits you might be bringing. I will also pin some of my favorite outfits that I think you would like and that I recommend for your session. You can read all about creating secret Pinterest boards for your session and how to get the most out of them here!
  4. At the Session: I’m here for you! Just think of me as your personal encouragement coach today! We put your favorite music on, you get to start with 90 minutes of pampering from the hair and makeup artist, and even have a few snacks too 😉 Think of it as 90 minutes or relaxation and girl time. Then I help you decide on what outfits we’ll use and make sure you look your absolute best. And the hard work is up to me! I tell you how to pose right down to your fingertips through the whole session. Then it’s up to me and my camera to capture it perfectly! As long as you trust me and can follow directions, then you’re job is done!

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I hope this helps if you’re thinking about doing a session. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your photographer. Your chemistry with them, their style, their professionalism…This isn’t something you want to settle on because it should be a great experience and something you’ll remember forever.

Here’s a fun infographic from Adore Me, an intimates designer, to help make sure you’ve got all your bases covered!

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