I’ve had so much fun working for myself! I can’t believe what I’ve been working towards for so long is actually here and happening! And funny enough, I thought I would gain more time but somehow I have less time to focus on work! It’s like that list you’ve been putting off until “that day” all of a sudden needs to be done! So, since I want my posts to be meaningful and not just filler, I’ll be cutting back iPhone posts to once a month. But I’m excited to have more things to document and share with you on a regular basis! The fun has only just begun!
1. Hubby surprised me with a surprise date to Fuzzy Peach after church this week! 2. My swim workout has begun 3. I get to wear whatever I want! And be as bold as I want 🙂  4. A little friend visited our porch this week. The Lord takes care of us all 5. Making this recipe this week from the awesome Lara Casey  6. Still at it. And loving it!  7. Delivered some awesome boudoir albums this week 8. Went to the Caroline Beach concert to hear Bibis Ellison and watch some fireworks (and have Britt’s donuts!)  9. Nothing like summer grillin’ and good friends to enjoy it with

Happy Friday!
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