It’s sad how much this little one provides us entertainment.
As bad as this picture it, just imagine foam in someone’s front yard as high as their roof, and a flood light rotating colors to change the color of the foam. This is our neighborhood. I’m not gonna lie. I’m intrigued.

 Desserts from Saturday’s glamour and boudoir open house. We had so much fun! I plan to do it again in the Spring. Can’t wait! Thanks, Steph, for all the yummy goodies!

Me and Lou hanging out, just the two of us this week. Such beautiful weather this week that we spent as much of it as we could outside.

Made a fun trip to Forever 21 to see what their holiday collection had to offer. I wanted to go crazy but I somehow restrained myself. They have such great pieces for boudoir and glamour sessions. And it was all on sale! If you’re looking for some fun pieces, go check it out! This is now my go-to place.

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