Ahh, the week of love. This was such a happy week. It’s interesting how a holiday can change the mood of everyone. Kind of like Christmas. I wish people were like this all year round. Felt the need to rock my teal pants this week.

The beautifully decorated gift shop in the delivery wing of the hospital. Our friend, Deanne, delivered little baby Max this week and he is so precious! I’m so proud of her and excited for what’s in store for her and Brent. This shop makes me so happy! A day of love indeed!

A little bit of new decoration for the new office. What can I say, these make me happy too. Etsy is good for so many things.

Another album arrived this week, the parent album. Finao does such an amazing job with albums and I love how this one turned out! Red suede with a beautiful cutout….yummmmm

We don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s. I’m not a fan of buying overpriced generic roses and cards when every other day should be filled with romance, not just this one! But my honey did surprise me with some nontraditional tulips. Since we hadn’t been able to spend much time together this week it was even nicer for him to come to work and bring me a little something. I enjoyed seeing him in the middle of the day more than anything.

Happy Friday!

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