There’s just something about winter sunsets. They’re amazing almost everyday and I feel so blessed that I get to see it in a place like this.

Have so many good shots to show you from recent glamour shoots! This is one of my favs from last weekend. Can’t beat a good smile- that is what’s sexy!

Made a large wall cling for our church and it was finally put up! I need to make it a little straighter but I’m happy with the way it turned out. No one’s going to knock this off the wall!

So many good products have been coming in and I’m excited to blog about them soon. This is a shot of an accordion mini album. They make such great gifts!

We love chinese food and I rarely get fortune’s that mean anything but this one really resonated with me. In more ways than one. One, you should be living your life and stop waiting for more money or work to slow down, or whatever! And B, I’ve been given a mission. To spread the word and love of Christ and I will do it until the day I die. 
Happy Friday!!!

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