I could listen to Sue Bryce all day. I love learning from her and I love CreativeLIVE. It’s how I spent last weekend….glued to my computer screen. I applied to go to this workshop but sadly didn’t get it. But I still learned a lot! The 30 day video challenge starts today- woohoo!

 Love this bible study! I love the couples we did it with. It took us a year but we finally finished it and I can defnitely say our marriage is better for it. This was our second time reading it and I think we should read it every 5 years! There’s so many truths in this book and you learn so much about the other sex. It’s pretty interesting. I recommend it to anyone who’s married! BTW, it’s called Love and Respect.

Finally worked out for the first time in 6 months (shhhh, don’t tell anybody!). It was good to get out and not work! We ran down the boardwalk downtown and boy are my legs hurting. It was worth it though!
As we were running downtown we ran through the set of Revolution! It looked like an old western market or something. Complete with horses and animals. We were shooed out of the way right after I took this picture. I guess we were in the scene 🙁 But I was taking a break from running!

Just a little love for my honey this week! We’ve had some crazy weather and he always makes sure to take care of me. Hope it’s nice for my bridal shoot tomorrow!

Happy Friday!
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