This week was a whirlwind! I’m so thankful May is here and the warm weather can begin! I’m so grateful for my clients and how sweet they are! Had dinner with my first wedding clients of the year last week and they even sent me home with pie! Let’s just say those are my type of clients! But in all honest, I loved them, and couldn’t have started the season off with nicer people!

Then we headed to Liberty for the weekend for Liberty’s Antique Festival! The weather was perfect. We got to hang out with friends and rumage through old stuff. I need to remember to bring one of those carts people were wheeling around!

The we headed back home for a family shoot I had Sunday night. This scene was hysterical seeing how many people were yelling at the babies to get them to look at me. We had car keys jinglers, clappers, yellers and more!

And this week I have actually taken some time for myself (gasp!). I know. Michael was so sweet and surprised me with beautiful plants that I could finally plant in the front of the house. So we spent the evenning outside, planting, and playing with the dog.

And last night! Oh last night. It was so good. My lovely friend, Susan, made us a wonderful dinner and I couldn’t be more grateful. This girl was not in the mood to cook! She is a fabulous cook and I will eat there any day of the week. The end.

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend?
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