Well it’s my first official Friday as my own employee! At least I was more productive than yesterday. But let’s face it, I’m going to take vacation until Monday. I think I deserve a little break after working 2 full time jobs for 3 years. 
Kelly + Jordan’s wedding was last weekend at the beautiful St. Mary Catholic Church in downtown Wilmington, NC and then at the River Room. This was my first Catholic wedding ceremony and I loved it. So much time to roam around and get all the different images I wanted. I hope I get to do that more often!
Their details and style was beautiful! Totally representative of themselves. I love unique details and when it’s something I haven’t seen before. Who says your wedding needs to look like everyone else’s? Anything’s possible these days. 

My awesome coworkers surprised me with all these wonderful gifts when I came into work on Wednesday. They tried to get all of my favorite things: Britt’s donuts, girl scout cookies, Port City Java, and a candle that I can actually burn in my office now 🙂 I’ll surely miss seeing them everyday. 

We headed downtown for the fireworks last night. It’s always a good time in Wilmington on the 4th. 

Zeke was so little last year for the 4th of July. They were so cute watching the fireworks. And next year there will be a little baby sister to take along!

Happy 4th of July weekend!!

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