Monday: Went and saw my favorite band, the Annuals, over the weekend! It was an awesome concert but it quickly reminded me that I’m old and there’s a reason why I don’t stay up late anymore. Michael grew up with a lot of the guys in the band so was a fun reunion for them!

Tuesday: Beautiful shot from the decor of A Shindig Events at the Brooklyn Arts Center wedding show. I’m excited to work with her this weekend!
Wednesday: Just reminded how much I love this place. And how lucky I am to be able to see water everyday. I would go into withdrawal if I didn’t.
Thursday: The port here fascinates me. I drive by it everyday, twice a day. They don’t give tours anymore and I was thinking about creating my own tour 😉 I see endless picture opps here.
Friday: Valentine’s shoot coming up tomorrow and I’ve been in full crafting mode all week! Can NOT wait!
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