I had a photo shoot in Topsail over the weekend and it brought back SO many memories! I used to come here as a child and it’s been so long since I’ve been on the island. Everything is just as I remembered it. The green bridge is when you knew you made it!
And who hasn’t eaten at Max’s pizza!? The only thing that changed was the juke box. You could say they upgraded.

Look real close. Can you see what someone wrote with their finger on the truck? Season finale of Swamp People was last night! Don’t act like you didn’t watch it. 

 And wouldn’t you know they were setting up all week in front of work to film Iron Man 3! I’m not above stalking Robert Downey Jr.

A few guys tested out the stunt cables flying from side to side. They’re reeeeeaal small in the middle of the screen. Maybe I’ll have some pictures of Downey for you next week!

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