Well I have been a traveling fool the past couple of weeks. Needless to say I’m not friends with my GPS anymore since it tried to take me down a dirt road twice.
I LOVED going to visit my grandma last weekend! Despite my GPS trying to take me down a dirt road to get there, time with her was so precious. She was very impressed at how I could take a picture of us with my phone. Oh the little things….
Just another day of trying to figure out what my husband is trying to say…you could say we have to work extra hard at our communication, and you can see why 🙂

Photographed a wedding at Blowing Rock and the place couldn’t have been more magical! Can’t wait to show you more from this wedding. Trying to get here my GPS started to lead me down a dirt road that had a lovely sign that said “Stop and turn around. Your GPS is wrong. This is not a pass thru.” Oh bother.

And the best part! I wasn’t as disappointed as you would think that they decided not to go with the traditional wedding cake. 

Then earlier this week I got to take a tour of the Port City Java roastery. It was lovely. PCJ has a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t be quite as productive without them.

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