It’s funny when you have a great idea, it makes total sense in your brain and on paper, but you don’t realize how much work is actually going to be involved or how dang SCARY it is to actually do it. If there could be someone who could shake you at the moment and give you a dose of reality, that would probably be helpful. But then a lot of great ideas probably wouldn’t get accomplished if we knew how hard or how scary it’s going to be, would they? I don’t believe anything worth having or doing is easy. Fear is such an irrational emotion. I like what this guy said on the radio one time about how your feelings can be so irrational. It’s like being on one of those amusement park rides that just drops straight down and your brain is telling you, “You’re going to die! You’re doing to die!” when you know good and well that’s not going to happen. But fear takes over. Well I’m happy to say I’m facing the fear and doing it anyways. Last night we had the kickoff meeting for a new organization called Wilmington Weddings and Events. In my brain it started out as this simple website that would help brides plan their wedding in the Wilmington area and now has become this full blown wedding organization that serves both brides and vendors. I really feel like this area is lacking a great wedding resource and for whatever reason I feel the need to fill it. 
All wedding vendors were invited to come out last night and see the vision of Wilmington Weddings for the first time. It’s not perfect yet and it’s still a work in progress but I was excited to unveil it and here everyone’s feedback. I think it was the grace of God speaking through me last night because I’m not a public speaker and I could never normally have gotten in front of that many people and give the presentation I did. I am so grateful for everyone who came out and supports what I’m trying to do. I want to bring the wedding community together, since I think we have such a great one, and make something amazing. I LOVE Wilmington and I love the vendors here and I just want brides to see what a special place it is to get married here. And help make that process as simple as possible for them. I’m working on the website now and can’t wait to launch it! I just have to keep reminding myself “one baby step at a time”.

So here’s to lots and lots of hard work and awesome things to come. A big thanks to all the vendors last night who helped pull our first meeting off! And to my hubby for supporting me and being ok with me having two jobs AGAIN and for my best friend Becca for coming from Raleigh to be my rock last night. It’s truly not a one man job. 

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